A new carnivorous plant club is taking shape in Southern California – hitting the Orange County sweet spot between existing Los Angeles and San Diego clubs.

Not into LA traffic? San Diego a bit of a haul? Simply want to attend more fun carnivorous plant events? Well, good news! The Southern California Carnivorous Plant Enthusiasts inaugural gathering is taking place March 7th in Orange County, California. SCCPE (pronounced “skippy”) will hold its first gathering from 1-4 PM at 6131 Orangethorpe Ave #116, Buena Park, CA 90620. There will be discussions and unique takes on Heliamphora and Drosera regia care plus plenty of side conversations, plant trades, and sales. Should be a blast!

I’ll be there, friends from out of town will be there, and you should probably be there too! How often do you get to participate in the inaugural meeting of a new carnivorous plant club?! See you in March, and in the mean time, happy growing!