Waldorff Photography

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Award Winning Coastal Landscape and Wildlife Photographer from the NW Panhandle of Florida.

As a nature enthusiast growing up along the Florida Panhandle, I’ve always had a fascination with carnivorous plants. Years later I discovered photography and combined it with my passion of nature and began photographing the White Topped Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia Leucophylla) located at Garcon Point near Milton, Florida. I am amazed at the beauty of their spring time blooms and wanted to capture them under different lighting conditions including the night sky under the stars of the Milky Way.

All Fine Art Giclee Prints are printed at time of order on Epson Hot Press Bright White paper. This media provides an elegantly smooth matte finish, enabling rich, deep blacks and an incredibly wide color gamut. This paper meets artist's requirements as an archival print media with a white point and contrast ratio without sacrificing the look and feel of a true fine art paper.


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