Ferocious Foliage

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FerociousFoliage.com is a custom tissue culture laboratory that specializes in the in vitro propagation of all genera of carnivorous plants.  On occasion, we have unrooted and rooted cuttings, divisions or tissue culture plants (from our private collection) available for sale.

New for 2022 - we will now begin offering some of the more "ignored" carnivores, namely Byblis gigantea (2 color forms) and its hybrid, as well as the insect-catching shrub Roridula.  We also expect to have Drosophyllum, Cephalotus, and Drosera regia later this summer.  What's different about these is that they will all be sold in tissue culture tubes.  This way, you can grow them on and "deflask" them at your leisure when ready to pot them up.


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