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    Mites are one of the most common pests for Venus flytraps and Nepenthes. Avid abamectin 0.15 EC is a must-have miticide for combating mites. Dilution is 0.04 FL OZ per 1 GAL of water, or 1.2mL per 1 GAL of water. This listing is for a 2 FL OZ aliquot of Avid, enough for 50 gallons of spray. Package will also include instructions and pipettes for transfer. For the home grower, miticides at big box stores are few and largely ineffective. Commercial pest control stores sell large quantities of miticides, far more than you’ll ever need. I am offering a smaller quantity for a cheaper price, taken from a gallon drum to recuperate costs.
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    Nepenthes briggsiana is a gorgeous hybrid combining the ease of N. ventricosa with the large, toilet-shaped pitchers of N. lowii. Easy to grow indoors on a windowsill in room temperature and humidity. Pitchers are crimson red with striping along the peristome. Up for sale is an approximately 3” wide young Nepenthes briggsiana (lowii x ventricosa red). This is a RARE and highly sought after hybrid in the US. Don’t miss out on this chance!


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