Sarracenia ‘The Kraken’

Summon the Kraken! Sarracenia The Kraken is a monster readii x Royal Ruby (a moorei) hybrid from the gardens of Phil Faulisi. This sea-monster-of-a-plant grows tall, robust, heavily-veined pitchers dappled in white and with a fat, purple lip. The Kraken produces copious nectar trails, particularly in warm weather, which helps it feast upon insects, especially in spring. Don’t turn your back on this pitcher plant, or you may get dragged under!

The Kraken was bred in 2000, selected for in 2007, and it’s cultivar status was established October 3rd, 2016 in Volume 46 of the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter. From Phil, himself;

This cultivar’s epithet was coined in June 2016 as a recommendation from my friend and colleague Don Elkins to explore the names of the creatures of Greek mythology and more specifically the movie Clash of the Titans. Like a tentacled sea serpent rising from the murky depths…I have RELEASED The Kraken!

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Unique characteristics of Sarracenia The Kraken

Trap characteristics

This striking pitcher plant is a very vigorous and stocky grower averaging heights of 29-31 inches (75-80 cm) or more on well-established plants. Pitchers are green overlaid with bright white areolae directly under the peristome, inside and out, extending downward 2-3 in (5-8 cm). The large, ruffled lid (operculum) is bright creamy white with deep reddish purple veins approximately 3-4 in (7.5-10 cm) wide from side to side and 3-4 in (7.5-10 cm) long from the back to the front with dark reddish purple non-bleeding veins. The fluted mouth is shiny dark red and attains comparable sizing with the lid. Coloration is highly influenced by the presence of S. leucophylla in the background of both parent plants.

Other notable characteristics

The largest and most colorful pitchers are those produced in the later part of spring onward through the month of June and early July, but a secondary flush of colorful growth is observed in late summer (August-September), albeit they are not as robust as those produced earlier. The flowers are large and a beautiful shade of deep red.

Propagation must be done via division and cuttings in order to maintain this plant’s unique features.

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