Sarracenia x moorei

Sometimes, when two pitchers plants love each-other very much, they make a baby pitcher plant – like Sarracenia moorei. Arguably greater than the sum of its parts, S. moorei is a common grex name used to describe the cross of S. flava and S. leucophylla. A grex name is a common name for the collective (‘herd’) of hybrids stemming from a given set of two (or more) commonly paired parent species. In short, any hybrid between a pure leucophylla and flava is considered a moorei.

Sarracenia moorei hybrids frequently display an exceptional heterosis, or hybrid vigor. This means that the genetic diversity introduced by hybridizing these two plants commonly results in a greater size, color, speed of growth, and propensity to divide than what can be expected of either individual parent. For example, a S. moorei cross can inherit and enhance color from a leucophylla parent while producing pitchers larger than either parent. In essence, it’s the all-natural plant steroid. Moorei’s can be especially magnificent when you mix parents with distinct genetic traits.

Within the grex of moorei, there are definitely standouts that have earned the registered and coveted “cultivar” status – like S. ‘Saurus’, S. ‘Vintner’s Treasure’, or suspected naturally-occurring hybrids like S. Leah Wilkerson (though this cannot be conclusively proven at this time).

Unique biology of Sarracenia moorei

Trap characteristics

Sarracenia moorei pitcher morphology varies greatly, and is highly-dependent on the traits of the parent pitcher plants. Remember, there’s multiple varieties of S. flava – atropurpurea, cuprea, flava, maxima, ornata, rubricorpra, and, rugelii – each with unique and variable traits, and tons of variation among S. leucophylla.  That means there’s an incredible diversity among these hybrids, and always room for new, unique cultivars. If you’re looking to create your own hybrid pitcher plant, a S. x moorei hybrid is a great and rewarding place to start!

Other notable characteristics

A small sampling of some unique and notable Sarracenia moorei hybrids include the following and appear, in order in the slideshow, above:
Sarracenia Saurus – a beastly .manmade hybrid from the gardens of Phil Faulisi.
Sarracenia Adrian Slack – a glowing beauty from the gardens of Bob Hanrahan, and named in honor of Adrian Slack
Sarracenia Leah Wilkerson – a naturally-occurring hybrid of unknown, but suspected, moorei ancestry. This is one of my most robust-growers!

Other Sarracenia hybrids and species


Sarracenia leucophylla var. alba ‘Hurricane Creek White’

Sarracenia leucophylla var. alba 'Hurricane Creek White' Sarracenia leucophylla var. alba is a gorgeous variety of leucophylla and 'Hurricane Creek White' is a large, robust cultivar. Unfortunately, the name 'Hurricane Creek White' is meant [...]


Sarracenia flava var. rugelii

Known as the cutthroat pitcher plant due to the distinct blood red throat blotch. The coloration and high density of nectar glands at this location on the pitcher act as a lure for hungry insects. It's no coincidence that the blotch is located right above the plant's mouth.