Sarracenia ‘Black Widow’

A deep, dark shade of purple, with venomous fangs, and a thirst for insects, Sarracenia ‘Black Widow’ is two of these three things. It is a very hearty hybrid pitcher plant, and I grow it outdoors in Southern California where it withstands (very rare) 115+ degree weather and little-to-no humidity. It produces a healthy bouquet of tall pitchers and quickly divides when established. In a greenhouse, this thing would be a monster!

The following description is a modified excerpt from Travis H. Wyman’s formal cultivar description of Sarracenia ‘Black Widow’ submitted to the International Carnivorous Plant Society for publication on December 2nd, 2008.

Sarracenia ‘Black Widow’ is a simple hybrid of a S. alata clone informally called “black”, with S. flava var. rubricorpora. It was produced by Phil Faulisi in May of 2000 and the subsequent seed was sown January 2001. The selected plant was chosen and named in May 2004. The clone of S. flava var. rubricorpora used as a pollen donor in this cross (and seed parent in the following cross) was the product of line breeding done by Phil with the intention of producing an extremely dark, all red clone of S. flava var. rubricorpora.

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Unique biology of Sarracenia Black Widow

Pitcher characteristics

Pitchers of Sarracenia Black Widow average 76-86 cm (30-34 inches) in height. Developing pitchers start out with a base colour of green with very heavy reddish-black veining.

Eventually the red-black colour fills in, turning nearly the entire pitcher a deep, shimmering, maroon. As the season progresses, the pitcher colors continue to deepen, becoming a deep lustrous purple-black especially around the throat and inner hood, an influence from the S. alata parent. The flowers of this plant are a very pale white-cream. This plant should only be reproduced through vegetative means.

Other notable characteristics

The name for this plant was chosen because of a fortuitous encounter with a large black widow spider that was found living amongst the pitchers, the colour of the spider’s body was similar to the deep glossy black-purple colour displayed by the fall pitchers.

David, the manager of Carnivorous Plant Resource, grows this beautiful cultivar, and occasionally has a few to spare listed in the marketplace, here. In fact, all photos on this page are from his private collection.

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