About the SDCPS

From the SDCPS website

The San Diego Carnivorous Plant Society, formally San Diego Carnivorous Plant Club, was started in 2013. Allyson Long cultivated a small collection of CP’s (Sarracenias mostly) by scouring the internet and the San Diego Reader in the early 2000s. There were signs of a previous SDCPS but it seemed defunct with interest hard to find. Continuing to occasionally meet local people who were selling plants over the next decade, Allyson contacted San Diego Zoo’s Senior Horticulturist Judy Bell about the Zoo’s carnivorous plant bog. In 2012 she became a Zoo horticulture department volunteer and was able to work alongside the amazing Judy Bell, which was motivation to start the web-based SDCPS. With interest gaining over the next year, and connecting with Jason Hooton from LACPS, Allyson decided to branch out and attend LACPS meetings, where she discovered there were San Diego folks! Jason provided the enthusiasm, help with networking, LOTS of plants, and ultimately, the big push to make the SDCPS really happen.

The first meeting was held April 2015 at an organic CSA farm. Despite being one of the coldest and rainiest days San Diego had all year, people showed up! Locals, a group from Ensenada Mexico, and LACPS members! The general consensus among attendees from that meeting was “about time!”

Thank you to everyone who has shown interest, given support and time, and who will attend future meetings. A special thank you (to the moon and back a thousand times over!) to Judy Bell and Jason Hooton.

Upcoming club events

Carnivorous plant lovers, enthusiasts, amateurs, inquirers and aficionados located in San Diego. Everyone welcome! This is an informal group of people who share a passion for fun, knowledge, and conservation of carnivorous plants.

San Diego Carnivorous Plant Society meetings are a live forum to discuss all things carnivorous plants. Members range from those just getting interested in CPs to those who can probably answer any questions you might have. Meeting topics and discussions will be directed by all members, so if you want to show off/trade plants, give a presentation, help coordinate a workshop, or just sit back and digest information, it is highly encouraged. There will always be a handful of plants for sale or trade at every meeting (sometimes even an entire carnivorous smorgasbord!!).

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