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Meetings are held the third Saturday of every even-numbered month. To keep apprised of the latest LACPS news and announcements, subscribe to the LACPS Mailing List, check the News page, or follow LACPS on twitter.


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Los Angeles Carnivorous Plant Society meetings are the largest forum in Southern California for discussing and trading carnivorous plants. Whether you are a horticulturist, scientist, educator, student, hobbyist or merely someone intrigued by plants that capture and digest prey, an LACPS meeting may just be the perfect place to further your phyto-carnivorous pursuits.

Meetings typically feature plants for display, sale and trade as well as a talk on some aspect of carnivorous plant cultivation or habitat. Should you have questions about growing carnivorous plants in Los Angeles, seeing them in the wild, or, say, the phylogeny of Drosera in subgenus Lasiocephala, you should have little trouble finding someone willing to help.

There are some things you won’t find at LACPS gatherings – business meetings, committees, officials or fund raising hassles, for instance – there simply aren’t any. If you enjoy snoozing thorough the reading of meeting minutes or if you’ve always wanted to be elected the Vice President of something (anything), try your local Garden Club or African Violet society.

Most meetings convene at the Alhambra Chamber of Commerce Building. The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens, Descanso Gardens and California State University Fullerton Biology Greenhouse Complex have also graciously hosted meetings. Membership is open to anyone with a pulse, although Alhambra meetings do entail a three dollar cover charge for room rental.

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LACPS history

by Ivan Snyder

The LACPS began in PreInternet Times, circa 1994 AD. Our first large scale meeting is what I count as the beginning. The meeting was held at the home of Greg Boudreaux in Culver City. Later, Tom Johnson as then acting ICPS Seedbank Manager organized our group with regular meetings in Alhambra. The first meeting saw a huge turnout, but I can‘t remember who all was there. Many of us learned of one another by the ICPS directory. Here is the beginning of a list of people we knew from the beginning but which may not have been present at the first meeting. Many more were there but were strangers at the time. If you were there please add your name. If I have misspelled your name or it’s incomplete please correct.

Greg Boudreaux & Maria, Chemo, Cliff , Tom Englehardt, Hamir the Hermit, Tom Johnson, Bob Mailloux, Art North, Ed Read, Sean Samia, Ivan Snyder, Gordon Snelling, Leo Song, Art Terhovanessian.


The Hermit has this to add:

As I recall, the meeting originally came about by our esteemed Mr. Johnson sending out a letter to all within spitting distance of LA utilizing the first membership list published in the CPN. Was that 1992? That’s what I’m recalling. I think Cliff Brown may also have been present.