Drosera binata var. dichotoma ‘Giant’

A monster of a forked sundew, D. binata dichotoma ‘Giant’ generates forked sundew leaves up to two feet long with four to twelve forks. Since individual leaves fan out from the central growth point, you can end up with 4 foot sundews! It is also commonly referred to as Drosera dichotoma, Drosera ‘Giant,’ and the staghorn sundew.
The natural habitat for these globes of flypaper is New South Wales, Australia, where many thousands of them can be found hanging from wet canyon cliffs.

Unique biology of Drosera binata var. dichotoma ‘Giant’

Trap characteristics

The plant lives up to its ‘Giant’ name with a diameter of up to four feet and twelve branching points. Its size makes it a voracious fly and crane fly catcher. In full outdoor sun, the plant will remain erect, leaves will redden, and overall size will remain slightly smaller.

Other notable characteristics

This variety of Drosera binata will get root bound in smaller pots, but give it space to grow, and it will become a massive bush of a carnivorous plant. Flowers are small and white and will weaken the plant over time, so are best removed. They also don’t self pollinate, so seed production is sparse. Root and leaf cutting will generate mature plants faster, anyway. The plant has a brief winter dormancy and is tolerant to brief freezes down to 15° Fahrenheit.

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