It’s a working title :-)

This week, I released a beta version of an app that allows you to track, share, and trade with your plant collection. It’s called PlantBuddy, and you can participate in the beta using this link:

It works on iPhone, Android, tablet, and desk/laptop. When you click on the link, it will open up in a browser window. I recommend creating a “shortcut” to it on your device’s home screen so that you can access it like you would any other native app.

It’s a concept I’ve contemplated for some time, as I’ve grown ever more tired of clunky, ugly, and mobile-unfriendly spreadsheets. They just felt like a chore, and made rummaging through my collection a “blah” experience. I scratched my own itch here, and made it possible to walk out into my garden, phone in hand, to get to work documenting my collection.

In the “My Plants” section, you take photos right from the app, document botanical names, track health, growing patterns, and anything your heart desires! PlantBuddy makes it easy to sort your collection, or simply search for that one plant that your one friend gave you last summer. Easy peasy.

In “Community Plants,” you scroll a feed of publicly-posted plants from other members of the PlantBuddy community. Filter by a specific plant type, genus, species, or whatever you can think of. The search functionality even hunts through notes, so it’s easy to look up plants that have had specific “pests” or a “disease” you’re currently dealing with so that you can learn from other’s trials.

In “Plant Swap,” you can post your extra plants, hoping for a sweet trade. Or, do as I do, and scroll the list of other’s plants to see what new green friend you’d like to bring home and experiment with.

I hope you like it! But I also hope there are things you discover that can be improved upon. Let me know, either way! This is the first draft, remember.

Please play around with the confidence that, even though this is a beta, I will NOT be wiping the database – so your plant info is safe! I’ll be working on it in the background, so you may see regular updates and changes based on user feedback. Send me your input, and you may just see your feature come to life in PlantBuddy!