The inaugural Southern California Carnivorous Plant Enthusiast’s (SCCPE – pronounced “skippy”) meetup was a blast, and if it’s any indication of future meetups, you’re going to want to make it out.

The gathering started out with mingling, plant ogling, sales, and swaps. Tables quickly filled with vendor plants – many of which were just emerging from winter dormancy. Showy Heliamphora arrived from expert growers to show us how it’s done, and transition the crowd of around 40 into “presentation mode.”

Adam Tilden took the stage to discuss methods for hardening off notoriously-finicky Heliamphora to low-humidity Southern California living room conditions. He also covered growing Drosera regia outside – something I didn’t even know possible in our climate. Crowd participation was great, and folks who have visited native D. regia sites were able to comment on similarities to our own Mediterranean climate.

The meetup drew an enthusiastic crowd, and even some prominent growers from out of town. Carson, a CPR contributor and former Sarracenia Northwest employee, and carnivorous nurseryman Jeff Greene from the Portland, Oregon scene both made the journey down to attend this kickoff meeting.

Crowds were lively, discussions stimulating, and plants spectacular. What more can you ask for in a carnivorous plant enthusiast gathering? I know I’ll be attending future meetups to join in on the fun, again.

Big thanks to John Kim, Maggie Chen, Braulio Mena, and Adam Tilden for all of their efforts in organizing this great event!