There are a lot of “blue Venus flytrap for sale” scams on the internet – please don’t fall for any of them.

For seasoned carnivorous plant hobbyists and collectors, this may seem like common knowledge, but for the new and uninitiated, it’s worth a warning:

Blue Venus Flytraps are a scam. All of them. Every one of them is fake.

As much as I’d love to have a garden full of wacky colored Dionaea muscipula, there are only two primary shades you’re going to find them in – green and red. There certainly are variations of these hues, and the intensity of color can make certain flytraps very desirable. Here’s a look at some of these all-natural color combinations:

Keep in mind that how a Venus flytrap is photographed, the white balance and exposure on a camera, editing (color saturation), and filters can also impact how colors appear. However, every single “blue Venus flytrap” ad you see is advertising a fake plant or seeds for a fake plant. Many of the blue Venus flytrap scammers simply use Photoshop to invert or adjust the natural hue of a real flytrap photograph for the images in their false ads. Look at this completely misleading image I created in 30 seconds with a couple of taps on my keyboard:

Growing carnivorous plants should be a fun, rewarding experience, so save the heartache and buy from a reputable nursery like California Carnivores, Flytrap Store, Sarracenia Northwest, or even our Don Elkins at Mesa Exotics:

Happy growing, folks!