Venus Flytrap “FTS Purple Ambush”

Venus Flytrap “FTS Purple Ambush”


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Dionaea Muscipula Venus Flytrap FTS Purple Ambush. Richly colored venus flytrap clone with a prostrate growth habit. Produces some of the best contrasting interior traps in any Dionaea. The entire interior of the mouth, including the lobe and cilia, will turn solid maroon in full sun while the petiole remains green! You will receive one happy, healthy adult Venus Flytrap (bareroot)

Out of stock

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Dionaea Muscipula Venus Flytrap FTS Purple Ambush. Prostrate and richly colored venus flytrap clone.

***TEXAS CUSTOMERS ONLY-Currently, all sales to TX by Jersey Devil Carnivorous require an inspection in order to comply with Texas state regulations. This is an additional $20 fee per sale (not per plant). Please select a PHYTOSANITARY CERTIFICATE product before checking out if you need one. This may cause shipping delays. I apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.


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