Utricularia heterosepala

Utricularia heterosepala


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Utricularia heterosepala is an awesome species native to the Philippines. It grows as a waterlogged terrestrial in forest streams. This species produces shapely pink flowers on long spikes. It is an easy growing plant that isn’t as readily available as other terrestrial Utricularia species. Makes a great addition to any carnivorous plant collection. You will receive a 1.5 inch plug shipped bare root via USPS priority shipping.

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Sold By: Shawn Shumaker (Coastal Carnivores)


Cultivation: Grows well in a waterlogged medium of sphagnum peat moss and sand. Keep the water level at or near the soil level. This species loves water! Grows as easily as other terrestrial species (U. sandersonii, livida, bisquamata, etc). Does well in a greenhouse, on a sunny windowsill or outdoors in a mild climate. Tolerant of cooler temperatures but slows down drastically in temperatures below 45 degrees. I’ve found it grows best in an undrained plastic container, which makes it easy to keep the water level high.

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