One of the oldest Sarracenia in my collection, this beautiful and vigorous hybrid was acquired through Don Elkins of Mesa Exotics. It’s a cross between ‘Savannah Fire’ and flava ‘Cinnamon Tube’ (itself, a cross of flava rubricorpora x cuprea). The plant grows pitchers about 2 feet tall, with large mouths rimmed in a redish, cinnamon color. My photos are from early last season and pitchers are fresh, so the plant hasn’t reached its full color potential in these images.

The hood turns a beautiful rust-red color in bright light and venation is thin but prominent throughout pitcher and hood. I just divided an old-growth section of this plant, and have a few to spare for anyone hoping to grow this beauty.

I would love to see this hybridized with Sarracenia oreophila to crank the hood up to 11. …maybe I’ll attempt that this spring!

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