Perhaps slightly smaller a plant than my Clone A, this “purple pitcher on steroids” frequently trades that small bit of height instead for width in its flaring hood atop the foot-plus tall pitchers. Vigorous to the point of being almost weedy, this plant opens with pale orange-blushed pitchers that fade to green, striped through in good light with sparse but distinct red veining particularly around the throat.

Available divisions are medium to large, mostly single growth-point and either already mature or will be so in less than a year. Grown in low humidity.

Plants are shipped bare-root wrapped in a moist paper towel, via USPS Priority mail; I typically ship Monday-Wednesday to avoid weekend hold-overs. US shipping only. Many plants are grown in high humidity conditions and may require acclimation, unless otherwise noted. If you are expecting weather that may be detrimental to the plants if shipped, please message me upon making your order! Shipping cost includes heat pack or cold pack/insulation as needed for detrimental weather conditions. If there are issues with the plants upon arrival, please contact me within 48 hours of receipt.