S. flava Red Sumatra 100

S. flava Red Sumatra 100


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Sarracenia, or North American pitcher plants are temperate carnivores hailing from – you guessed it – North America! From short and squat to tall and monstrous, solid lime green to white with red veins, diversity among this genus is astonishing. Selective breeding continues to create ever-more complex and beautiful species, hybrids and named cultivars. They just keep. getting. better. With your purchase, you will receive one of the plant featured here. It’s a mature specimen and is shipped bare root. During winter, Sarracenia are dormant and pitchers are trimmed back. Come spring, they explode back to life with new pitcher growth and represent the featured photo.

1 in stock

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Your plants will be lovingly, and safely shipped bare-root via first class mail or priority mail (your choice at time of checkout). Regardless of the quantity of Sarracenia that you purchase from my shop, I only charge a $8 flat rate for priority (1-3 day shipping time), so make sure to stock up! I ship plants out on Saturdays, Mondays, and Tuesdays.

1 review for S. flava Red Sumatra 100

  1. Jeff Sehorn (verified owner)

    As always, Jeremiah comes through with the best, happy, healthy Sarracenia, and his stock of unusual or rare varieties is unparalleled. The plant arrived quickly, in pristine shape and excellent health. My plant is just starting to wake up from his winter rest, and the new spring pitchers are growing happily and quickly. I’m very pleased, and I would highly recommend this plant, or any plant from Jeremiah. He’s just the best.

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