This cross of Rubra Jones Alba x Psittacina Alba is a real winner. This plant shows signs of both parents; more erect leaves, and a lid that matches Rubra, from Psittacina the plant grows lower to the ground, and has curvature of the leaves near the mouth.

Plant is currently house in a 6 inch pot, and has multiple growth points. Plants tallest pitcher stands at 6 inches.

The plant in the picture is the exact plant for sale. Not a division, but the entire plant. I currently ship Plants out on Monday’s and Thursdays, Because I don’t like for plants to sit over the weekend. So please allow a few days before shipping. I ship all plants bare root wrapped in moist paper towel. Due to county regulations, it is illegal for me to ship plants potted. I leave the pitchers on (except during dormancy) and do my best to ship with as little damage as possible. However, I cannot guarantee that the leaves or flowers will arrive undamaged. They are delicate after all.