This frog wash bag features a cheeky little frog. In nature some species of tiny frogs use pitcher plants as a nursery pond for their tadpoles. You can also see coffee plant leaves. For this design I have used an alternative colour scheme to natures own palette.

This wash bag is the ideal size for a pencil case.  As an example I use these to carry my inks and paints. Of course you can also use for cosmetics or within a bigger bag for items like your keys and phone.

The bag is 100% cotton with a waterproof lining. I work with small British factories that produce small batches of fabric with strict quality control procedures. I don’t use sweat shops and anyone I work with gets paid a fair wage. By purchasing from small ethical companies you are not only supporting the artist but also small manufacturers and their staff.

I hand draw all the illustrations. First I do the outline and shading in ink. Secondly I add vibrant watercolour. Afterwards the designs are printed onto fabric. To finish my seamstress makes the printed fabric into a bag.

These handy little bags make wonderful gifts for any frog fans. However they are also ideal presents for botanists or house plant enthusiasts.

Carnivorous Plant Information

If you’re interested in how this design came about I must tell you about mutualism. Many carnivorous plants use mutualism. This is where they work in harmony with animals such as mice, bats and frogs and absorb nutrients through their waste. Isn’t nature fascinating?

People often ask me where I get my inspiration from. Honestly there is endless creative fuel provided by mother nature. Inspiration is the easy bit!


Height – 12cm
Width – 26cm
Depth – 9.5cm

Carnivorous Plant Homewares

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