Pinguicula “Molango” | Butterwort

Pinguicula “Molango” | Butterwort


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To the best of our knowledge, this particular butterwort was collected somewhat recently by Fernando Rivadavia from around the Mexican town of Molango in the state of Hidalgo, making it quite rare in collections. It produces beautiful purple flowers with even deeper purple markings where the petals meet, but the real reason to grow this butterwort is for its leaves – they’re lanceolate-shaped with distinct, cupped margins that fade as the leaves become equally distinct petioles, the latter of which is rare amongst butterworts. The distinct petioles remind us of Pinguicula acuminata but “Molango’s” actual leaves aren’t as broad. “Molango’s” leaves also flush a gorgeous mottled pink with darker, purple venation but in contrast, the center or rib of the leaf remains green.

It’s important to note that while in active growth, Pinguicula “Molango” likes being potted in a mossy mix that’s kept quite wet at all times. “Molango” will go extremely dormant at which time it must be kept much drier.

The plant you will receive will be between 1”-1.5” in diameter.

We would consider this an advanced level plant.

Out of stock

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Brambles Botanicals is run by a husband and wife team, Howard and Beastie Bramble, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We’re small-scale, hobbyist growers selling the extra plants that we just don’t have any room for and have a range of experience – specialize in carnivorous plants, especially tropical butterworts and their hybridization. We have been producing our own Pinguicula hybrids for a few years now and are excited to be releasing some brand new, named, in-house cultivars as well as some age-old classics and species. Howard is the proud registrar of Pinguicula ‘Faulisi.’ (See Volume 51, No. 3 of the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, published September 2022.)

We also offer plant troubleshooting and advice! If you have any questions please feel free to send us an email at or DM us on Instagram @bramblesbotanicals. We hope you enjoy our selection and we appreciate your business!


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