One of the most sought after Mexican butterworts, this gorgeous species develops rosettes of almost triangular leaves with rounded, incurved tips up to 2″ in diameter (sometimes more). the leaves themselves are bright green in the background, but with good lighting can flush a deep grape purple, particularly on the undersides of the leaf edges. Flowers are up to an inch across and have broad, rounded petals, and open a solid deep, electric violet that can lighten to a brilliant grape purple with age. Winter rosettes shrink significantly, and form as overlapping shingles of hairy, succulent leaves.

Available plants are between 0.75-1.5″ in diameter.

Plants are shipped bare-root wrapped in a moist paper towel, via USPS Priority mail; I typically ship Monday-Wednesday to avoid weekend hold-overs. US shipping only. Many plants are grown in high humidity conditions and may require acclimation, unless otherwise noted. If you are expecting weather that may be detrimental to the plants if shipped, please message me upon making your order! Shipping cost includes heat pack for winter conditions. If there are issues with the plants upon arrival, please contact me within 48 hours of receipt.