Pinguicula, a.k.a. Butterwort, is a genus of carnivorous plant that is divided into temperate species and tropical (often referred to as Mexican Butterworts) species.  Temperate species endure cold winters by producing a dormant bud (hibernacula) during winter.  Tropical species endure dry winters by producing a “succulent like” non-carnivorous leaf.  However, some tropical species and hybrids will grow carnivorous leaves year round if they are kept warm and wet.


Pinguicula agnata is a highly variable species with a broad range that spans several States of Mexico.  This form has leaves which turn almost entirely red.  Most forms of P. agnata have some red to the leaf, so this is an extreme example of that coloration.  Your plant will be shipped bare root (unpotted), wrapped in moss.  You can purchase a pot and soil to be shipped with your plant here.