A fast-growing annual plant native to much of the US west coast and southwest, Coyote Tobacco¬† is a relatively slender-leaved plant that grows up to 3 feet or more in height and is covered in small, sticky glands. The small, tubular flowers are produced in profusion at the tips of the stems, ending in a five-petaled star and primarily blooming at night (see second photo, a large plant illuminated at night looks like a starscape). Used by Amerindian tribes as a ceremonial tobacco, today the plant’s use can be primarily as a native hawkmoth attractant; larvae feed on the plants while the moths pollinate the flowers at night (and interestingly, if too many caterpillars are present they can make the plant switch to blooming in the daytime to reduce predation).

Packets contain at least 100+ small seeds, that require no special treatment.

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