Rooted cutting of the species once (and sometimes still) referred to as N. alata “boschiana mimic.” This plant develops leaves up to around a foot long with a narrow winged petiole and tapered tip, and pitchers up to 8″ or more in length with a bulbous base, more slender cylindrical to funnel-shaped upper half, and wings on lowers that disappear in upper pitchers. Color ranges from bright green with hints of pink in low light to roughly half-and-half green and red in strong light.

Available cuttings average between 5-10″ in diameter, pitchers 1-3″ tall.

Plants are shipped bare-root wrapped in a moist paper towel, via USPS Priority mail; I typically ship Monday-Wednesday to avoid weekend hold-overs. US shipping only. Many plants are grown in high humidity conditions and may require acclimation, unless otherwise noted. If you are expecting weather that may be detrimental to the plants if shipped, please message me upon making your order! Shipping cost includes heat pack for winter conditions. If there are issues with the plants upon arrival, please contact me within 48 hours of receipt.