From the cross that brought you Saurus, Vintner’s Treasure, Hot Lips, Super Heavy Vein, and Purple Sparks, comes the sequel we’ve all been waiting for! Leucophylla Purple Lips x flava ornata part deux! These 3+ year old mooreis, like the originals, were bred by Phil Faulisi and raised by Don Elkins. Each one is a unique combination of traits from two of the best breeding plants around, and each is destined to be a winner. Plants are 1.5-2 feet tall. Don Elkins of Mesa Exotics will hand-select an outstanding plant with your purchase. Grab these beauties while they last!


Shipping note: Mesa Exotics charges $13.00 flat rate shipping to the continental US regardless of how many plants you purchase from our storefront on Carnivorous Plant Resource. Plants ship every Monday and Tuesday and they normally take 2-4 days to reach you. Plants are dormant during winter and ship bare root. Shipping during dormancy is ideal as it minimizes stress on the plant, and allows them to roar back to life come spring!