Frog in Nepenthes Wallpaper

Frog in Nepenthes Wallpaper


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This unique Frog In Nepenthes wallpaper instantly transforms any room into a tropical jungle. In addition this design is printed onto a luxury non woven wallpaper. It is also uses the easy to install paste the wall system.

This botanical wallpaper is the perfect way to bring the outside in. Make your house a haven.


Width – 52cm

Length – 10m

Pattern Repeat – Any

Out of stock

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This Nepenthes wallpaper features a cheeky frog sitting in a beautiful and deadly pitcher plant.

Nepenthes rafflesiana is a stunning example of a carnivorous plant and is my favourite species.

Nepenthes Wallpaper Design

The wallpaper features my original illustrations. I draw each plant by hand with intricate dot work and then add vibrant watercolours. In addition the watercolours I use are especially bright. The result is very eye catching. In this design I have played around with the hues to create an alien jungle.

Carnivorous Plant Information

If you’re interested in how this design came about I must tell you about mutualism. Many carnivorous plants use mutualism. This is where they work in harmony with animals such as mice, bats and frogs and absorb nutrients through their waste. Isn’t nature fascinating?

People often ask me where I get my inspiration from. Honestly there is endless creative fuel provided by mother nature. Inspiration is the easy bit!

Nepenthes Homewares

If you appreciate a maximalist interior style you will find matching products for this  are available in my shop. In addition to Carnivorous Plant wallpaper I have cushions, oven gloves, art prints, aprons and greeting cards.

Custom items can be made on request and colour changes are possible. Bespoke wallpaper designs are a speciality.


Width – 52cm

Length – 10m

Patten Match – Any


I have chosen a high quality thick paste the wall wallpaper to make installation easy. (Although I do recommend employing a professional if you have not wallpapered before)

Choose a good quality ready mixed wallpaper paste and apply this directly to the wall. The wallpaper should be applied with a slight overlap over the ceiling and skirting board. You can trim the excess when dry.

There is no pattern match to reduce wastage and give you more repeat options.

Also if you have trouble calculating how much you will need just get in touch with the size of the walls you want to cover and I will be happy to work this out for you.


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