This fantastic Asian species develops two different kinds of rosettes; young or stressed rosettes may be around 2 inches in diameter and lay flat on the ground, with moderately thin oar-shaped leaves; mature plants in good conditions will switch over to rosettes that can be 3-4 inches across with semi-erect leaves with much longer petioles and stretched obovate lamina curving up toward the sky. Under good lighting, color is a rich olive green with scarlet tentacles, or solid crimson to wine red. Very thin, wiry stalks are produced when mature, bearing moderately, large, very spaced out light pink flowers with notably rounded petals. This is a great species for singular display, though they will occasionally divide or bud off old leaves to form colonies.

Packets contain 30+ seeds each. This species requires no special treatment to germinate (though may take some time), and grows best in cool, wet, strong light environments (though can tolerate heat fairly well).

Seeds are shipped in padded envelopes to avoid damage in transit, via USPS mail. US shipping only. As seeds can take time and sometimes special treatments in order to germinate properly, returns cannot be accepted and refunds are not available upon receipt of the seed packets. If a package is lost in transit, please contact as soon as possible.