Drosera Intermedia x Capillaris

Drosera Intermedia x Capillaris


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Drosera Intermedia x Capillaris

This beautiful temperate sundew creates dense clusters of deep reddish purple spoon shaped leaves. Rosettes can get from 2 to 3 inches in diameter.

Like most drosera, these love to be outdoors in full sun, and make perfect additions to a bog gardens where it can survive fairly cold winters.


Care Instructions
Sun: Full sun indoors, or outdoors
Water: Always sitting in distilled or purified water that is at least 1/4 of the pot deep.
Temperature: Does best from 25 degrees to 80 degrees. May tolerate temperatures from freezing to 100 degrees for short periods
Dormancy: A temperate sundew requiring a dormancy period from about October to late February. Leaves may turn black and die back during its dormancy. Less light and less water during this time.


Out of stock

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