Dionaea muscipula Schuppenstiel 2

Dionaea muscipula Schuppenstiel 2


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Are you German? No? Good luck pronouncing the name Dionaea muscipula “Schuppenstiel”! Shoe-pin-steal? Fun fact; “Schuppenstiel” means “scary stalk” – which is an apt description of this flytrap with extreme scaling on the stalks that make them look almost wrinkly! It’s a goodie, but hard to come by, so I only have one available this season!

They grow easily outdoors in temperate climates, or in greenhouses. Some photos feature a clump of my propagation stock of these unique Venus flytraps, and you will receive one mature plant from this group with your purchase. Shipping options are outlined below, and as little as $5.00 for first class shipping, regardless of quantity of Venus flytraps ordered from my shop (Jeremiah’s Plants).

10 in stock

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Your plants will be lovingly, and safely shipped bare-root via first class mail or priority mail (your choice at time of checkout). Regardless of the quantity of plants that you purchase from my shop, I only charge a $5 flat rate for first class shipping (2-4 day shipping time) with the option for $10 priority shipping (1-3 day shipping time), so make sure to stock up! I ship plants out on Saturdays, Mondays, and Tuesdays.

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