Darlingtonia californica unpotted 2-4 inch tall pitchers

Darlingtonia californica unpotted 2-4 inch tall pitchers


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Darlingtonia Californica is native to the Oregon Coastline and Southern interior and Northern California coast line.  These plants prefer cool nights.  With days occasionally up in the 90’s with no greater than 70F root temperature, they still get 50F night temperatures.  Most of these plants have some sort of cool moving water over their rhizomes.  We have the best results planting these in pure sphagnum moss.  You can also use peat moss and perlite. Be sure not to keep them sitting in stagnant water, they deteriorate when this happens.

This size of plant grows best in a 3-4 inch size pot, 2-3 years away from flowering size.

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Thank you for stopping by.  We are offering fresh, well rooted divisions from our cobra plants this season.  These are the coast variety.  Pitcher size is from this  years pitchers, they are starting to go dormant so the pitchers may have a bit of brown on this years growth.

Shipping is $10 for the first plant $1 each for additional plants.

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1 review for Darlingtonia californica unpotted 2-4 inch tall pitchers

  1. Joey Mirandi (verified owner)

    Amazing plant; arrived very fast and packaged very well. It was a lot bigger than I expected, which was a very pleasant surprise. The price as well is pretty great for a cobra lily. 11/10

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