A plant with many names depending on who you talk to; once classified under Epilobium, and some say the current name is spelled Chamaenerion. Fireweed or Fireflower is a widespread US native species, a colonizer of newly burned locations and open soils (especially if it’s rich and well-drained or acidic) and prolific once established. Plants may grow as tall as 3 feet, with branching stems of lance-shaped deep red-green leaves topped by spikes of large, bright mauve-pink blooms that produce long seedpods full of tiny seeds attached to wind-dispersed fluff. A great plant for an outdoor pot, or any spot that you just can’t quite get anything else to grow (so long as adequate water is given).

Packets contain approximately 50+ seeds, which benefit from a month-long cold stratification.

Seeds are shipped in padded envelopes to avoid damage in transit, via USPS mail (First Class). US shipping only. As seeds can take time and sometimes special treatments in order to germinate properly, returns cannot be accepted and refunds are not available upon receipt of the seed packets. If a package is lost in transit, please contact as soon as possible.