Carnivorous Plant Gift – Dish Cloth

Carnivorous Plant Gift – Dish Cloth


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This 100% cotton tea towel makes a fantastic gift for anyone that like carnivorous plants.


Width – 46cm

Length – 70cm

Out of stock

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Look no further for the perfect Carnivorous Plant gift.

This dish cloth features nepenthes, venus fly traps and cobra lilies. In addition there are  some doomed insects destined to become the plants lunch.  Insect lovers look away!

I have included the latin names of the specimens. These include, Nepenthes bicalcarata, Nepenthes rafflesiana, Darlingtonia californica and Dionaea muscipula.

Every product in my shop is made in the England in small batches to incredibly high standards.

Detail and quality are important to me. Consequently I illustrate everything by hand in ink with intricate dot work.  I complete the designs using the most vibrant watercolours available. The images are printed digitally onto 100% cotton fabric.

I believe that everything in your home can be beautiful. If you surround yourself with things that bring you joy then you truly make your home a haven.

In the UK we call dish cloths ‘tea towels’. These were originally used in the 18th Century for the lady of the house to dry her most precious tea sets. It is still common to buy commemorative tea towels as presents today.

An illustrated tea towel would be a fantastic and thoughtful gift. Particularly for anyone interested in botany, gardening, entomology or natural history. However you could treat yourself instead and make the drying up a bit more interesting!

You are supporting a small independent business when you buy directly from artists.

Consequently it enables me to keep making new things and doing what I love. Therefore it is always appreciated if you share my collection with anyone you think may enjoy it.

Carnivorous Plant Gifts

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I want to help you find the ideal Carnivorous Plant gift. My range  includes cushions, oven gloves, art prints, aprons and greeting cards.

This design is also available as a tropical wallpaper.


Width – 46cm

Length – 70cm


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