You will be purchasing the perennial species Byblis gigantea (pink flower form).  This form is now extinct in the wild.  The mature plant illustrated is 1 year old and actually a hybrid, it is just meant to be a guide for what this plant will resemble once mature.  You will be purchasing a tissue culture plant in sterile media.  Please note that the cultures pictured are of this species but you will only get one “tube”, not a set of 5.  Wash the media off the plant and pot it up.  It may not have roots.  I suggest 3:2:1 perlite: sand:peat.  Keep the humidity high while the plant acclimates and keep shaded until it acclimates.  You can divide these prior to potting if you wish to make additional cuttings.

Shipping is $12 for Priority Mail delivery regardless of the quantity of plants ordered from my shop.