• Sold By: Jeremiah’s Plants
    Sundew? More like sundewiest! Drosera binata 'Dichotoma Giant' is the largest of the binata complexes and can turn into a carnivorous bush given enough room to spread out. It reaches gargantuan proportions and has a voracious appetite for flying insects. It enjoys warm weather, and while it doesn't require a winter dormancy, it will die back to the roots if temperatures dip. Not to worry, because this plant returns from the roots like a zombie from the grave, arising to feast upon the brains of unsuspecting insects. Some of my sundew photos may feature more than one plant. You will receive one mature plant from with your purchase. Shipping for Drosera is $8.00 for priority shipping, regardless of quantity of plants ordered from my shop (Jeremiah's Plants).
  • Sold By: JerseyDevilCarnivorousPlants
    A typical forked leaf sundew, this is a typical, unnamed variety that generally grows leaves that split in two, but occasionally will grow other crazy formations. This variety can grow quite tall and bushy! This variety survived winter in a cold frame (climate zone 7A)You will receive 1 medium/adult plant (bareroot)
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