Maxi-Moss Spagmoss Premium Sphagnum Moss is a commercial grade S Cristatum. It has a length of at least 100mm for 70% of the product. It is an attractive light brown / cream color with some green tips. Sphagnum moss is a versatile, long lasting product renowned for its water holding capacity. Sphagnum moss is recognized worldwide as a premium product in the orchid growing industry. Sphagnum Moss is naturally air dried to ensure a maximum Water Holding Capacity (WHC) of 96%. This allows the moss to retain water and nutrients for easy release to the plant without accumulating unwanted salts. Sphagnum Moss maintains its structure in the pot for several years, therefore costs associated with re-potting are reduced. Due to its sterile nature, Sphagnum Moss will also defend against plant pathogens from attacking the roots. Free shipping on all Killer Plant Company products! We use UPS Ground 3-5 day or USPS Priority or First Class depending on weather, time of the year, and destination.