Because who says plant biology and humor are mutually exclusive?

7 months ago Ze Frank killed it with his wit and lighthearted style, dropping a hilarious knowledge bomb on the world to the tune of ~6 million views as of this article.

It’s worth resurfacing, and I highly suggest giving it a watch (some of the language is NSFW, but it’s by no means overtly crude), if you haven’t already. Even if you have, give it another go. In the video, Ze Frank covers the mechanisms behind the Venus flytrap‘s trapping and digestion, Drosera‘s sticky mucilage ensnaring, Nepenthes‘ passive traps and opportunistic dung-munching (no, really). It’s a great, surprisingly educational watch, and a reminder of just how fascinating carnivorous plants really are.

It’s also a solid reminder that humor is a tool to turn education into entertainment. Edutainment? Is that a thing? Plant biology, even of the carnivorous kind, appeals to a certain… niche of people. Deploying humor turns the mundane into the fun-dane, and it’s worth using if we hope to encourage new participants to develop their green thumbs.