It’s with great excitement and sincere gratitude for continous support from the community, that I announce to you the official grand opening of the Carnivorous Plant Resource Growing Supplies Marketplace! We’ve been running it in beta for the last few months, and we’re ready to make the announcement official!

In the marketplace, you’ll find a plethora of supplies from Reverse Osmosis water filtration machines, to pots, fertilizers, lighting and more!

Carnivorous Plant Resource is an engaging and fun space for people to learn about these fascinating plants and a marketplace that feeds your curiosity, continued learning, and literally helps you grow, is an enhancement many of you asked us for. Well, we’re happy to provide it, and we’re proud to provide an avenue through which you can purchase directly from the vendors, themselves. Every vendor with a listed product owns their storefront on Carnivorous Plant Resrouce, controls their pricing, and manages your customer experience. It’s a true marketplace that allows vendors to focus on what they do best, while CPR builds the tools that empower your discovery of their products and facilitate interactions via technical wizardry.

That’s not all – we’ll be donating 1% of sales to the International Carnivorous Plant Society, a non-profit that fosters scientific discovery and conservation of carnivorous plants on a global scale. If you’re not a member already, sign up here!

Also, if you’re interested in selling through Carnivorous Plant Resource, we’d love to hear from you here! Apply directly to the marketplace, or message us for more information. Get in touch with us even if the category of product you’re selling isn’t currently available on the site.

How Does the Growing Supplies Marketplace Work?

The nature of the Carnivorous Plant Resource Growing Supplies Marketplace is the same as the Artist Marketplace. Vendors with quality products are welcome to list their products in the store, and you, our dear reader and customer, will buy directly from them. Vendors are expected to be communicative and timely in their support. Here are our terms and conditions, if you have any questions. To kick things off, I have listed high-quality products that Carnivorous Plant Resource will be selling, directly.

Full disclosure on the marketplace: I do take a commission for products sold. Proceeds generated from sales will go towards 3 things;

1. Reinvestment into Carnivorous Plant Resource to make it an even better tool for the community (contrary to popular belief, running and improving a website is not a free endeavor).

2. Marketing of items in the Marketplace to further support our vendors and artists.

3. Donations to the International Carnivorous Plant Society for carnivorous plant conservation and research.

My goal is to build a virtuous loop supporting different elements of the community, supported directly by that community.

Check out the Marketplace and let me know if we’re missing a product you’d like to see for sale. We’ll be adding more vendors and unique products as time progresses, and your input will help us focus on the areas of highest interest.

Thanks, happy growing, and enjoy shopping!