Carnivorous Plant Resource will donate, at no additional expense to artists, 1% of total art sales to the International Carnivorous Plant Society for the purposes of wild carnivorous plant conservation and research. You can learn more about the International Carnivorous Plant Society’s efforts, here and donate directly to the cause, here.

Yes! You can even have that art shipped to the end-recipient’s address. Just use this desired address when checking out.

Different artists will require different lead times to fulfill orders. This should be clearly called out in their product descriptions. Some artists print-on-demand before shipping work, and this may add time to the fulfillment process. Some artists may be abroad, and overseas shipping may be required. Shipping times should be reasonable, and if there is an issue, please contact us here with details.

Carnivorous Plant Resource (CPR) is not involved in the fulfillment of a sale. CPR maintains the website, updates content, and provides a safe, secure community marketplace for artists with awesome carnivorous plant art to work directly with customers. Terms of the sale are set by the artists, and may involve creating or printing the art at time of sale.

Carnivorous Plant Resource (CPR) provides an open marketplace for folks to buy and sell art. While CPR has no personal affiliation with any of the artists, does not stock artwork, and isn’t involved in the fulfillment of art sold through the website, we will do our best to act as an unbiased intermediary should there be a disagreement between buyer and seller. Remember, we’re all a part of the same community, are here to show our appreciation for these wonderful plants, and support the broader community by buying and selling carnivorous plant art. Please treat each-other professionally, and with respect.

If all else fails, contact us here with a detailed description of your problem.

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