A Passion Project For The Carnivorous Plant Community:

As you’d guess, we’re huge fans of carnivorous plants. We’ve been collectively growing for almost four decades, and the wonder of these plants still captures our imaginations. The notion that a plant species would evolve highly-specialized traps to lure, ensnare, and digest prey to compensate for nutrient-poor soils still boggles our minds. The fact that nature has done this at least 13 separate times among the currently discovered carnivorous plant species, and hundreds more times across subspecies and hybrids is incredible. Nature’s a beautiful, ruthless thing, and we’re here to document it.

Carnivorous Plant Resource is born out of this need to modernize and document information about carnivorous plants in a flexible, updatable, and scalable way. With a background in tech, the founders of CPR hope to propagate a fascination in carnivores using mobile responsive design, fresh, searchable content, and tools to make learning fun and easy. We’re also here to learn, ourselves, so please provide your feedback where you think it will enhance the site as a place for everyone to learn.

Like a newly planted seed, Carnivorous Plant Resource will grow into a beautiful space for carnivorous plant enthusiasts. But it won’t be without effort. Like any seed, it requires nurturing, time, and lots of love in order to meet its full potential. We hope that you, the community of carnivorous plant enthusiasts, will help us by contributing your thoughts, feedback, and even fascinating content for other visitors to enjoy as a way of contributing to this growth. Carnivorous Plant Resource is a passion project, and we hope it captures your imagination.