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Carnivorous Plant Resource is your one-stop-shop for carnivorous plant knowledge, shopping, educational events, and more! You’ll learn about the beautiful and deadly traps of different species, discover beginner and advanced cultivation techniques, and explore our extensive database of carnivorous plant species and hybrids. We continuously add plants and seeds to the Carnivorous Plant Marketplace, provide new resources via our blog and update info on hobbyist meetups from around the world, so visit us frequently, sign up for email updates and follow us on social media for the latest and greatest!

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Carnivorous Plant Resource hosts an extensive Marketplace of community growers and nurseries. It allows us to offer one of the widest selections of carnivorous plants for sale, and supports the community that we serve. Because we love these plants so much, we donate a portion of every order to carnivorous plant conservation efforts.

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How to Prep Your Sarracenia for Optimal Spring Growth

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Spring! Your plants wake up, put on a bedazzling flowery show, and start popping fresh pitchers. How excellent the show ends up being is dependent on what we do leading up to this time of year. So, how do we get our Sarracenia into tip-top shape and push their growth to the max?

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Learn About Different Types of Carnivorous Plants

Check out our ever-growing database of carnivorous plants! In it, we include growing tips, historical information, and a breakdown of what makes each plant so unique. Plants are organized by genera, species, hybrids and cultivars (if you don’t know what this means, don’t worry – just have fun exploring, or learn about taxonomy here).

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